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If you are tired of the usual web browsers - Firefox or IE - and you want to try a new one that offers you a good surfing experience, we recommend you Sleipnir, a new and amazing web browser that is specially designed for users who want to customize it to suit their needs.

Choose the design, the skin or the visual appearance, then install the plugins you need to make easier the tasks you usually do, such as a download managers, Gecko, Roboform,...

Now that you are used to tabbed browsing, you'll go one step further with the quality of the tabbed browsing featured by Sleipnir.

Download Sleipnir and enjoy a new browser that promises to become bigger and bigger. It is really fast and safe and you'll get used to it in a few minutes because the basic functions are very similar to the ones you are used to use within IE or Firefox.

Finally, Sleipnir has meant a revolution in Japan and now it is being spread quickly, how long will you wait to try it?

It is in English and Japanese and supports Windows XP/Vista/2000

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